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Marit Meyer
Research Aerospace Engineer, NASA Glenn Research Center

Dr. Marit Meyer has been a Research Aerospace Engineer in the Low Gravity Exploration Technology Branch at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio since 2010. Her research questions have dealt with aerosols with two main emphases: 1) Indoor air quality in spacecraft cabins, determining the sources, sizes and quantities of particles in the air that astronauts breathe and 2) Spacecraft fire safety, investigating smoke aerosols from the pyrolysis of common spacecraft materials for testing and development of advanced smoke detectors and post-fire recovery equipment. She has been principal investigator and project scientist for four aerosol experiment payloads on the International Space Station since 2016. Marit completed her PhD at Washington University in St. Louis after working in the defense industry for 8 years. She attended the University of Arizona, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree with an emphasis in fluid mechanics.

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